Monday, June 27, 2011

No TV Summer

We are doing it again :)

We did this for three consecutive summers before we adopted George. Now, we are back!

Hip-hip-hooray! We are swimming like crazy, playing badminton and golf with our neighbors, taking long walks, coloring pages upon pages of coloring books, and reading long chapter books out loud.

Last night, Joe and I and our teenage neighbor decided to have a tee-off. We each had 3 golf balls and picked various targets in between our yards that we would target. The closest to the designated target won. The 6 kids gathered behind us and very politely clapped after each good swing. It made me giggle each and every time! And...I won the first round! In fact, all three of us won a round and so we had to have a face-0ff - winner of the final round would "win" bragging rights. Needless to say, this momma didn't win :( In fact, I have been beaten now two nights in a row by our teenage neighbor (Sunday night, he challenged me to a badminton game, beating me by 2)!

The hardest part will be listening to the Brewers on the radio...don't tell the kids, but we kept our TV hooked up in our bedroom just in case we want to catch an inning or two.

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