Tuesday, June 28, 2011

His Great Name

I first heard this song in a tiny, tiny Baptist church in Waverly, Ohio. It was done by a high school girl with a young worship band, but the words pierced my heart.

We heard it on the radio a few days ago and Lincoln yelled from the back of the car, "This is the song we heard at Grandma and Grandad's church!" Obviously, the song spoke to my youngest son as well.

There is one line that says, "The fatherless, they find their rest at the sound of your great name." And as I hear this, I am reminded of how peacefully Anna will sleep in my arms when I begin to sing to her. I sing songs that glorify the Lord, and speak the name of Jesus into her heart, and she always falls peacefully asleep. She has found REST at the sound of Jesus' NAME. A child who had no peace for so long...how can a child who has NO ONE in the world sleep peacefully? Now, she has found rest.

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