Monday, May 9, 2011

Safe Families Update

While things have been relatively quiet on the SF front...this week looks to liven things up a bit.

Tomorrow, I will be a featured speaker at the BASICS Pastor's Appreciation Breakfast. I am humbled by God's timing for I have volunteered at this breakfast for the past two years as a greeter. As I stood in the doorway and welcomed over a hundred inner-city pastors, I had no idea that the next year I would be standing before them telling them about Safe Families!

There are over 175 pastors confirmed to be there. That means at least 150+ churches represented who will hear the message of Safe Families and what this ministry can do in Milwaukee!

When I was asked to speak at this event last September, I thought we would surely be legal by now. But no. Politics continues to play an ugly part in this drama. I could rant about how each "side" wants to change a word here or insert a comma there, and how all this is just slowing down a much needed ministry, but I AM trusting that God is ultimately in control. His timing is perfect! I don't know why we have waited over a year - well actually, Safe Families has been trying to get into Milwaukee for over 5 years now - but I trust in a God who sees down the road and knows why we are where we are right now.

Progress. The committee votes on our amended bill on Thursday. That's the big day! Then, the whole Assembly should vote the following week!

Then...on to the Senate to do more of the same.

Again...I have "experts" telling me this will not get done before summer recess (end of June), so we should realistically look to mid-late fall. I refuse to concede this...I serve a BIG GOD! I don't know what His Will is for the timing, but I am still praying that we get this done in June and put the legislative battle behind us.

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