Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have a theory...not sure if it is accurate or not. Anna naps...a lot.

I asked her if she napped in her CO home. She said no. And I have remember she was in two schools in a day, a morning school and an afternoon school. Not much time for a 5 year old to nap in that schedule.

Here...Anna naps almost every day. And, she naps when she curls up against me during reading time or during some quiet time. Like clock-work, she is snoring away within 5 minutes of some close contact with Momma.

So, here is my theory. She is like a baby. I have such fond memories of napping with ALL of my home-made kiddos. I relished the afternoons when the house would be quiet and I would curl a snuggle-bug baby onto my chest, close the shades and snuggle in for a nap. There is something so bonding in those moments of sleeping together - and I have encouraged this time with all of my kids.

And Anna is catching up. She has missed so many baby-naps on her momma's chest! And she has missed out listening to my heart beat and learning my rhythms and my smells. But, I believe she is catching up! She will snuggle in every chance she gets - breathing in deeply my scent and finding a spot of skin to put her face against or lay her hand on. She is longing for that skin-on-skin contact that all my home made kids had in abundance.

I am back to what life was like with newborns - taking a quiet time each afternoon to just let my baby fall asleep on me. It is a sweet time bonding with Miss Anna.


Ann Marie said...

Sooooo sweet.

Bear Creek Mama said...

Praising you for your responsiveness and attention to her needs and for taking time, quiet time, to utilize your furniture! I know it seems silly, but many of us run, run, run all day and forget how our children thrive when we stop and attend to just them. They need these moments.
Thank you for sharing and reminding.

Lynette said...

Oh Tracey - I love your theory. I am in the midst of afternoon naps and EARLY morning snuggles with Claire. I Love, love, LOVE that you are giving Anna that time. Precious. LYNETTE