Monday, May 2, 2011

More Healing

If I would have known what adopting another child would do for George, I would have done it a year ago. But...I do believe in God's perfect timing and I also know that Anna was meant to be our daughter, so now was the time.

As we were getting ready for dinner, most of the kids were outside talking with our neighbors and playing with the dogs. Anna was still inside, so we scooted her out the door telling her to go play before dinner. She hurried to put on her shoes and then ran out the door very excited. That is, until she saw the dogs - racing and running and jumping and flashing across the yard. She froze, not sure how to proceed without the risk of getting trampled by three 100 pound dogs.

Then George started running. Joe asked, "Is he really coming to get Anna?"

Me, the skeptic said, "No. I am sure he wants food or something."

To our surprise, George ran straight to Anna, bent down and said something to her, and then held her hand as he led her across the yard. At one point, Anna froze again, and George put his arm around her shoulders and gave her a reassuring nod, "Trust me. It will be OK."

I wish I would have had my camera ready for that moment. It was so sweet. Both Joe and I broke down into massive tears. Our son, who fights his selfish desires constantly actually thought of someone else and acted upon that. He sensed his sister's fears and he came to her rescue. Character.

The word we use so often to George. Just before dinner, we had a long, long talk about money. George loves money. He has stolen money. He is obsessed with what things cost and how much I spend. If I come home with a new pair of jeans for Harry, George asks, "What did that cost? Do you spend that much on my jeans?" A little boy had given Anna $5 last week. This was driving George crazy. Eventually, he talked Anna out of the $5 and happily put it in his wallet.

Oh no..Joe was furious. So, that led to the long talk about the love of money. We explained to George that Jesus said you can't love money and him. This blew George away. He didn't believe Joe, so he came and asked me if this was true. When I told him yes, he wanted to see it in the Bible. We showed him.

Then he stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

He sat in the front yard..obviously thinking about this problem. I know he loves Jesus. These words from Christ stunned George. For the first time in my life, I saw how this mandate from Christ was so radical and so infuriating to the people of his day. Money means life to George - if we have money, we have food and shelter and clothing. If we don't have money, we starve and we could be homeless and we would have no wii or Game Cube (trust me, I am sure he was thinking more along the lines of all the stuff he has!). But, he sat there stunned. This Jesus that he has come to love and trust and pray to now says that one can't love money and him.

I can't remember how long he was outside thinking - I was busy doing house-wife stuff (ha!). Eventually, I heard him talking to Joe and I think he said, "I don't want to love money, Dad."

That led to George telling Joe how much he loved Anna. And then Joe said, "Just think George! When you were a baby in Ethiopia, Anna was a baby in Ghana. And we were living our lives in America. We didn't know each other even existed. But God knew! And God couldn't wait to knit our family together. He knew that a boy in Ethiopia would have a sister from Ghana and would live in Wisconsin. And if this family in Wisconsin had loved money, we might not have obeyed God when he told us to go get our kids. God doesn't want us to love money, He wants us to love His children. Amazing, isn't it?" IS amazing!


Cindee Snider Re said...

Oh, Traci! God's timing is so perfect! Celebrating the blessings with you! Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.

denise said...

praise the good lord!

Bear Creek Mama said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! It is just a beautiful story of the redemption and mercy that is everpresent in your home.