Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I love this time of year...I love watching the birds working feverishly to put together their nests. What is interesting about where we live now, is that I get to see so many attempts at nests. This picture is of a grape vine wreath on our front porch. I watched two birds work an entire day to make this. After discovering how busy our front porch can be, they quickly abandoned their efforts. I was happy they changed their mind, because they were not putting together a very secure nest.

Then, I noticed this next nest...on our lamp post next to the our garage door. I wondered how in the world a baby bird would survive in this nest!

But then...I discovered this beauty...on the window sill at the top of our stairs. This nest is tucked neatly into the corner on a large ledge. It is protected from the wind and the rain by the overhang of the roof. And here is where a momma robin has worked so hard to put together this well-built home. At first we noticed the nest. Then there was one egg, followed soon after by another. To our shock, within another 24 hours, the momma had laid 2 more eggs. And now we watch in awe at the brilliant blue eggs and the ever-present momma.

Momma Robin now sits on her nest - feathers ruffled and patiently sitting on her window ledge. I have put a black towel over the window so she feels safe - and doesn't see us all racing up and down the stairs every hour.

Last year, at the Orphan Summit, I listened as Karyn Purvis shared a magnificent story about birds building a nest and how a traumatic event can alter the way a bird builds a nest for years. She likened that to our hurting children - how they are like these birds that can't even seem to do the most basic task that they were made to do. Every time I see the failed attempts at nest building, I am reminded of how much healing my children need to go through. I have watched failed attempts at my home for the past two years. This year, I finally see a bird that managed to build a magnificent nest and lay 4 eggs into it!



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The PW and Mom said...

What a beautiful comparison, and timely. I've been thinking about ways to strengthen my own nest lately.

Bear Creek Mama said...

beautiful! Thank you.