Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Bonding IS happening.

On Saturday, Joe and I wanted to go on a breakfast date. We have found that Saturday morning breakfast dates are a great way for us to have some quiet time together and the kids are much more comfortable being home alone during the day (as opposed to a Saturday night date).

They are all used to our dates - but we haven't been on one since Anna came home.

So, we prepared all the kiddos that Saturday we would be going on a date. Around 5am, Anna crept into bed with us and fell peacefully back asleep. Joe and I woke up around 7am and decided to just throw on some baseball hats and go have our date.

Anna shot up out of bed and asked, "Can I go with you?"

We tried to explain the importance of Mommy and Daddy going on a date alone - connecting with each other is crucial to how we are as parents. Of course, she didn't understand.

She cried and cried, begging me not to leave her.

I know this sound cruel that I am writing about this- but this really was a sign that Anna is starting to bond with me. You see, when I picked her up in CO, she didn't even hesitate to leave her home for 4 months and climb into a car with a complete stranger! And even though we kept telling her we would be right back, and that Daddy had bought donuts for the kids, she could NOT bear the thought that we would not be together.

So different...

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