Tuesday, April 5, 2011


OK! I admit it! I am so scared.

The "other side" of my life right now is working diligently to get new legislation passed in the state of Wisconsin that would allow Safe Families to minister here. Basically, I have to convince 120-some legislators to CHANGE a law that has been in the books for decades. Yea...right!

Does God have a sense of humor or what? He asked this stay-at-home momma of 5 and a freshman Assemblyman to get this done. The most unlikely pair.

And believe me, as I walk through the halls of Madison, all the veteran legislators make me feel about an inch tall. I truly believe that MOST of our elected officials act like they care, but really they don't. They have come in with their ideology and are stubbornly holding their ground if someone from a different ideology wants to get something done. AB30, our bill, has NOTHING to do with partisan politics - yet - both sides are playing the game. And when this stay-at-home momma walks in and asks them to consider passing this bill, they look down their long noses and give me slight lip service, "I'll take a look at it." I follow up. And get nothing in return.

So, THIS is what I am trying to work WITH to pass a new law.

Seems impossible.

Tomorrow, several people, including myself, are going to sit before an Assembly Committee and urge them to pass this bill out of committee and send it to the entire Assembly for a vote. This is only ONE of a multi-step process to get a law passed. And God is continuing to tell me, "TRUST ME!"

And I am not. I can not, not matter how hard I try!

I want to line up the speakers and write their testimonies and plan their day.....

And now key speakers have become busy and canceled and I have seen no one's testimonies.....

And my flesh wants to worry. My mind has become consumed with questions of "Can I actually get this done?"

And God chuckles.

"No, Traci. YOU can't get this done! Can't you see that I have set you up against impossible odds? No one can say YOU did this. I want people to say, 'Look at what God has done!'"

This morning, The Lord led me to
Isaiah 30:15 "....in quietness and trust is your strength...."
and then 2 Corinthians 4:7 "But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us."

I could use all your prayers for this one, for we must call upon God to win this battle. This is one of many battles - some have already been fought and won, and some are still to be fought. For the Lord, who is faithful and righteous and just, I will keep fighting.

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