Friday, April 22, 2011

Life With 6 Kids!

In a word..... loud!

I say that as all six are crammed into the living room trying to play wii and shouting over the sounds of Mario Karts :)

There is just so much to say...and I don't even know where to start.

Joe and I have been overwhelmed with the support, love and encouragement we have received from so many people. We know that what we have done seems crazy to the world, but we are trying to live in God's economy. I will never forget driving in a car with my father talking about this amazing house with 6 bedrooms that I wanted to consider buying. I was going on and on about how beautiful it was and how perfect it would be for me when my father interrupted me, "Have you considered that you won't have the house of your dreams until you are in heaven?"

"Thanks! Just wanted to throw cold water on my dreams, huh?"

But...those words have never left my heart or mind. And it was if God was saying, "Traci, let go of what this world says is important. Get used to the fact that you will not have that house while you are on earth. Something better is being prepared for you."

Then, I read The Hole in the Gospel. Then I read Radical.

And then I knew, this life is NOT about how many toys we can buy or how many cars we can have or how many times we can go to Disneyworld or on a's about DOING what God's word says. Too many Christians don't DO what God's word says, so when someone does, they look so weird to the world.

And yes...we have made the risky decision to bring another orphan into our family despite the fact that we don't have a stable business (although we are still believing it will recover some day!), we rent a home, our cars are old, and we don't have a 401K.

But, when Anna cried in my arms for two hours Wednesday night, just falling into my arms as I quietly rocked her, I KNEW this child deserved to feel the love of God more than I deserve a new car or a nice vacation. And then, when Anna fell into a peaceful sleep, and Joe and I prayed over her, we KNEW that despite what the world may think, taking this risk is what God has asked us to do.

Our adoption is more about obedience than it is about wanting to have 6 kids! God's word is not fuzzy about caring for orphans - it says DO IT! Adopting a child from a hard place is not easy. It is like living with a stranger right now and wondering how we are going to make it. But, God paved a way and we had a choice. Obviously, we said yes.


ESolgos said...


Brian & Amy said...

Yay!!! Love you guys! Love your example!!! Love how you LOVE the people God loves!!!

(this was a comment sponsored by LOVE!)


Jamie said...

So amazing! We continue to follow God's lead for our family even when it doesn't make sense and it seems ridiculous to the 'world' and we pray for His will to be done upon us. Your journey and family is an encouragement and support as we all attempt to navigate submissively. With all this said we do in fact enjoy the refreshing visit to Disney World to help take the edge off sometimes :)

Traci Weldie said...

Jamie - thanks!

And for the record, we would LOVE to go to Disneyworld. It just hasn't worked out so far in our life. My comment was directed toward someone who said my children are being short changed because we don't go to Disney.

Jamie said...

I wasn't inferring a direction towards us... sorry if it read that way. You and your family are so inspiring to us and your faith is such an encouragement especially as we navigate a very difficult journey to the twins...