Friday, April 8, 2011

How It's Going

I don't have a lot time these is amazing how quickly my time is evaporated by home schooling the boys! But, I wanted to share that this week was a good one. I know, we are probably in a bit of a honeymoon phase, but George has responded wonderfully to our new way of school.

We are using My Father's World in the morning, teaching the boys some basics about our earth, the continents, different cultures and countries. I think children need to know their place in the world - meaning it is not the center! There is such a huge world out there and I want to teach all my children to care about others in the world. We are doing a couple of things in Science - environments/habitats but also doing a mini-unit on spring. I love taking our notebooks outside and letting the boys sketch what they are observing. We also are doing a lot of Bible study. I do devotionals with each boy individually and then we are working on some memory verses. After that, I am reading Matthew to the boys while they color pictures based on what we are reading.

An hour and a half of playing outside and lunch is followed by math, reading and writing.

The good news - George is a smart cookie!

And more good news - he has become extremely affectionate with me.

Having him home allows me to truly parent him - listening to everything he says, guiding him when he makes poor choices, disciplining immediately if need be. There is a sweet boy underneath the angry exterior and he is slowly starting to let that side win. We talk every day during our quiet time about the battle within him...the choice he has to make each minute about whether to be angry and mean or let love and peace win. It is hard for him...he wants to protect his heart. I know this.

This week, we have talked a lot about forgiveness and we prayed for George's Africa mommy. I am not sure if he really "got it", but after, he told me that he was so scared when his Africa mommy left. He said, "I thought she would come back...but she never did. I had food there and they gave me milk, but I still wanted my Africa mommy to come get me. I never saw her again. I forget what she looks like. But, did she really want me to have a new family? Did God really tell you and Daddy to go get me? That makes me happy now."

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Bear Creek Mama said...

Oh what joy this post brings my heart! It's been a while, as usual, since I've caught up with the Weldies and it is so sweet to share in the joy and peace that has come with bringing George home. I'm going to have to read back at how the decision came about, but I am sure that the Lord directed you just where He wants you to be! and having experienced the radical difference in one of my own after coming home I can jump up and down with excitement for you and your boys! Yipee!