Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Big Question

I know the question that is on everyone's lips: "How has the adoption of Anna affected George?"

Joe and I have always believed that adopting another child, especially from Africa, would be good for George. No longer would he be the only one adopted. No longer would he be the only one with brown skin and curly hair. And so, we have prayed for God to make a way for us to adopt from Africa again.

When Anna came home, all the kids were piled against the kitchen window staring out curiously awaiting what would come out of the car. All of them remembered the day, almost exactly two years ago, when George came home. Same scenario - my children peering out a window, anxious to welcome home their new brother. George went to a corner and screamed. Anna....she giggled, said hello to everyone and even gave a few hugs. Then, she took Isabel's hand and walked around the house. I could feel the huge sigh of relief from Eleanor and Harry. Eleanor later told me she was so scared that it would be like before - she was almost in shock at how different this was.

So, George, remembering how he acted, started to cry.

"I didn't act that way when I came home."

"We know, buddy. But, the past is the past. You have been forgiven and we don't look back on those days. We love you. You are our son and you have the chance to make today a good day."

He continued to cry. True remorse began to come out. And I think he was faced with what COULD have been. He saw a girl accept the love a family had to offer and he saw that girl warmly fall into everyone's arms. He saw a girl laugh and giggle. He saw a family smiling. And he was truly sorry.

This period lasted a few days and we worked through a lot with him, mainly telling him over and over again that he has been forgiven and there is no need to apologize anymore. I think he has truly accepted that forgiveness now.

Yesterday, the kids had the day off school and it was a beautiful spring day in Wisconsin. Sunshine and warm temperatures caused us to spend the entire day at the park. At one point, Anna banged her head against a metal bar and began to cry. Before I could even possibly get there, George was there comforting her and telling her, "Mom is coming."

Last night, after the kids had spent a few hours after dinner playing basketball and then King of the Hill (a truly funny sight to watch!), Lincoln, George and Anna all curled up next to me (I actually feel like I have triplets now - for all three act the same age) as we watched an inning of the Brewers game. George reached over and stroked Anna's arm. And then he quietly said to her, "Anna, I love you. I am going to be your big brother forever."

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