Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Itch

OK - you will probably think we are crazy. Many will write and say, "What are you thinking!" But, Joe and I have "the itch".

The adoption itch.

We want another child.

There...I said it.

Despite the trials and the heartache and the frustration, we CAN NOT deny the JOY of ADOPTION! I realize as I write about the REALITIES of adopting an older child from Ethiopia, that it may, at times, seem as if I regret our adoption.


We have such HOPE for George! We BELIEVE he will be a strong oak tree blessing others some day. God continues to speak to my heart to simply TRUST that He is doing a GREAT WORK in George - and many days, He is telling me, "Hey, Traci....this isn't about you. It's about the children I so desperately LOVE."

So, Joe and I have been talking. We both want to adopt again.

But, we have NO IDEA

Our hearts have been moved in areas we had not thought of. We have explored both adopting out of foster care in Wisconsin and domestic Down Syndrome adoption. But, we still long to add another African child to our brood. It saddens me when I look at pictures of the kids together and see George as the ONE who sticks out. He sometimes laments his skin color and the texture of his hair because it is so different from the rest of ours. I want him to have a little brother or sister who looks just like him - and has been adopted. However, the reality is that we can't afford it and we are positive God does not want us to go into debt to adopt.

So...we are WAITING to see where He leads and how He provides.

But hey, if anyone wants to see us adopt again, feel free to cover the costs - ha!

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KO said...

It is so amazing that amidst so much suffering and growth God will speak to us.

We too are struggling with our newly adopted 5 yr. old, but yet I look at lists of waiting children.

I am glad I found your blog - I can really relate to your journey.