Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Public School Blessings

My children attend a public school...in America. And...George prays with his teacher!


Of all the school districts, of all the schools, and of all the teachers God blessed George and our family with a believing teacher. And this is not a teacher who simply checks the box next to Christian. This is a teacher who talks with George about sin and needing to ask for forgiveness and prays with George. And then, she celebrates that those sins are forgiven and tells George how much she loves him and prays for him.


This points, yet again, to how much God loves George. God is not leaving George to navigate this mixed-up world by himself. God brought George to OUR family for a reason. And God put George with THIS teacher for a reason. God is really moving in George's life.

Yesterday, George needed to have some behavior corrected at school. Instead of simply writing sentences or having to "stand on the wall" at recess, George's public school teacher (!!!) asks him to stay with her during lunch recess to talk. They talk about the behavior in light of God's word. They prayed together. George's teacher tells George how much God loves him and how much his mom and dad and brothers and sisters love him. And then George asked this question...which I thinks speaks volumes for what is going on in his head.

"Mrs. P., what would happen to a little boy if his dad and his mom and his brothers and his sisters all died and that little boy was alone and sad?"

Of course, she gave him the perfect answer, but that's not the point. The point is that this tape is running through the back of his mind over and over and over again. Oh, my poor son who is so hurting and afraid on the inside that he just can't love and trust me yet. Of course he is terrified of the "what ifs"! For several February's in his life he has buried a father, he has been taken to an orphanage and left, and he was then moved from that orphanage and driven 7 hours away to Addis Ababa to a new orphanage. 3 consecutive February's in a row his life was turned completely upside down! My birth children have never had ANY of these things happen to them, let alone 3 in 3 consecutive years.

This, again, is the reality of my adoption. It's not for everyone...and God chose George to be a Weldie...and God has not left us or forsaken us...He is simply asking me to not give up...because George is worth it!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Traci!


denise said...

praise the lord for his teacher!