Friday, February 25, 2011

Plan B

We are taking on Plan B.

George's behavior in school HAS to change. And his poor teacher is spending so much time re-focusing and encouraging and correcting George that she simply can't get to the other students as much as they deserve. I am usually on the other end of this with the advanced child longing to move forward and faster. Now, I have the child who is disruptive.

We vow to change this. We are going to DO something.

I am going to be coming into George's classroom 4 times a week to specifically work with George on reading and writing. We will have one-on-one time and I will also be accompanying him to Title I reading.

Joe and I prayed before I went into the classroom today. We anticipated the worst - George screaming and crying and running away from me. Being prepared for that, I was pleasantly surprised when he smiled and waved at me when I walked in. He wasn't thrilled that I was there. In fact, a huge lesson George has had to learn is that George's teacher and I talk regularly. I find out how he behaves at school, and I tell his teacher what is going on at home. This was a surprise to George and he isn't thrilled that we talk. But..this is what we have to do right now.

So, I sat down with George during reading time. The teacher calls up groups of children according to their ability to work in small groups with them. While she works, the other children are supposed to be reading or looking at books independently. Apparently, George often refuses to do this. That is why I am now there. I will keep George reading and focused.

Today, he flat out refused to get another book. I simply told him that was not an option. Slowly, he walked over the book shelf and grabbed another book. Like I said, he wasn't thrilled I was there, but he didn't cry or scream or run away - so I looked at this as a victory!

Plan B also includes counseling. Counseling for George and for Joe and I. Joe and I are starting to meet with a pastor, I will be starting to attend a post-adoption support group and we are getting George into a Christian counselor (an hour away - but worth the drive, I have been told). We ALL need someone to speak truth and love into our lives.

I have seen glimmers of promise the last few days as George has handled correction in a positive way. But then, I still get the angry words each and every day. I don't know why he is so angry at me these days - but here is a taste of what is going on this week.

George tries to eat a brownie for breakfast. I tell him no. Then I say, "Brownies are not breakfast material."


Today as I pulled the car to a stop at the elementary school, I say, "Alright gang, have a great day."


Praying Plan B works.

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