Monday, February 7, 2011


I love Ethiopian food. I am so glad that our family has embraced food from around the world - loving the spices! This is doro wat, red lentils and a traditional potato/carrot side. I made this for Ethiopian Christmas and we all enjoyed if I could only make injera!


Anonymous said...


We went to visit an Ethiopian family in our area and they showed us the "contraption" in their garage that she uses to make injera. Then she showed me the stack of injera that was oh, three feet high, that she made. She said it would last 2 days. 3 feet of injera. 2 days! For a family of 4! But her injera was awesome. I can't say that of all the injera I've eaten :)

Bear Creek Mama said...

Our entire family LOVES Ethiopian food! Yours looks so yummy and really different than mine. I made a big pot of mesir (lentils) and rice just the other night. I rounded out the meal with some seasoned ground chicken and sauteed collard greens. It was all so delicious!
I'm with you on the injera thing. My girls are convinced that they can make it, but really they can't, at least not in my American pans :) When I am able to I splurge and buy some but in Austin it's really expensive. Next time I'm in Los Angeles I will have to buy it and bring it home....