Thursday, January 20, 2011


It infuriates me that I live in a state that does not allow neighbors to help neighbors. I can't even begin to tell you how often I have to battle against discouragement and anger. And since when are the only people capable of helping in need of a special degree?

I don't have a degree in social work...but I know how to recognize a woman in need! I don't have neat, little letters that follow my last name...but I can figure out what a mom needs.

I have been encouraged to keep stories of the moms I am helping...and yes, I am continuing to help moms even though I risk going to jail. There are many people who have told me that they would have no problem telling this mom that Safe Families is not up and running yet in Wisconsin...but that person is not me.

So, I had a mom call me this week. Crying. Desperate.

She had reached out to other shelters, ministries, churches...and came up with no one able to help her. She has 4 little ones and has been a stay at home mom her whole adult life, committed to raising her children. Her husband was the sole income provider. He lost his job. He got sick. He had to stay in the hospital for a long time. They fought over money. Bills piled up. In December, they lost their home. They continued to fight. He moved in with an aunt. They WANT to work it out, but with the stress of no home, no job, no money...they just can't seem to.

The UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (and Yes - I am calling you out!) said they have a ministry that helps single mothers...but she would have to file divorce papers in order to start getting the
help! WHAT????

She asked me, "Will I have to divorce my husband for you to help me? I love him. I want to work it out."

I was almost speechless. I told her, "Not only do we NOT want you to file divorce papers, we will offer marriage help!" Even if it is Joe and I driving into the city once a week for months - we will work through this with them.

She started sobbing.

And we are helping her. We are placing her children. And I am doing this full well knowing that I am breaking the law.

But, in light of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., sometimes laws need to be broken to put a spotlight on how STUPID the law is! Just like the law that said a person with brown skin had to sit at the back of a bus is is a law that says a mom can not make her own decision about getting help for her own children.

Every corner I turn, I am faced with "important" people telling me that getting the Safe Families Bill passed into law is going to be impossible. I am here to tell you, NOTHING is impossible for MY GOD! His heart is for the poor! His heart is for the broken! Can't you see that He wants us to love and serve and sacrifice for His children? And if we are willing...I am SURE THAT HE WILL MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.


Brian & Amy said...

keep your passion, your desire to serve God and these dear women and families. you are blazing a trail and that's no easy task. love you and am praying for this family in crisis as I write and for you to NOT GIVE UP!!!

Diamond said...

Tracie, I read this in an email today and instantly thought of you: It's taken from a list of God's Rules, #4 Stand up- Stand for something or you will fall for anything.. "Let us not be weary in doing good; for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." -Galatians 6:9