Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Movies and an Adoption

This afternoon, I took the kids to a local church for an adoption fundraiser. It probably wasn't your typical fundraiser, but it WAS fun. Oakwood Church in Hartland, WI hosted two Veggie Tales movies and a free lunch! A great way to spend the middle of winter break, wouldn't you say?

I say everything was free - but they did ask for a donation. The money collected was going to a single mom who is adopting a 16 year old boy from Latvia. I was more than happy to spend what I would have normally spent at a fast food restaurant to help a mom bring home her son!

Oakwood has an orphan ministry that is just lights out! Mission:Hope has done some amazing work over the past two years. On Orphan Sunday each year, they are able to "take over" the entire day - everything from what is taught from the pulpit, to the worship songs, to the lessons in Sunday School. One year, they created an interactive display about the typical life of an orphan.

Over the past two years, they have sent short term mission teams to an orphanage in Latvia. And the result? Several families are now adopting kids they ministered to over the summer! Praise God!!!

Now, Mission:Hope is working hard to bring orphans to Wisconsin for visiting tours. They want to provide these kids from Latvia with a few weeks of fun in the Wisconsin summer - and maybe, just maybe give them some love and hope that will last a lifetime! We find ourselves working a similar battle front - the Wisconsin legislation. Again, the ugly bureaucracy has reared it's ugly head, preventing Christians from being the hands and feet of Christ. So, as I brace for whats to come in January, I feel the added responsibility to help Mission:Hope do what they have been called to do.

What I particularly loved is being The Body of Christ - not this church or that church, or this denomination or that denomination - but believers who are all united to care for orphans. I support this ministry completely and was thrilled to take my kids. And, for the record, they ALL had a good time (even the teenager and the tweens!) proving Veggie Tales still rocks!

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