Friday, December 10, 2010

Tough Week

It's been a tough week. My heart breaks for my son, who is starting to hear the mean words spoken to him and about him because of his skin color. It is too painful for me to even write about.

In the midst of that, we had two Christmas concerts this week where I was able to see my children shine! Because my camera is incredibly pathetic, I can't take any pictures while the kids are actually on stage. Here are two pictures of the three kids who performed this week. I happen to think my twins are beautiful - even if their skin is different!

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Shelly said...

Oh Traci,

I am NOT looking forward to those days... oh George :( He is so handsome and perfectly made in the image of God! Your twins are beautiful! I love seeing George in his glasses! I remember when he had the exam, but I am not sure if you have written about the changes he has experienced since getting the glasses. I would love to hear about that victory for George!