Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Questions Than Answers

I took some time yesterday to do my own investigative work. What I read made my stomach turn and then my blood boil. Sometimes, I am so discouraged and disgusted with this world we live in. I am so sad we live in a world where a man form Georgia moves up to Wisconsin and opens up a "barber shop", but in reality it is a whore house filled with teenage girls he has kidnapped on his way up north.

So, my mind is racing to figure out how I can help. What could Safe Families - Milwaukee possibly do?

Statistics show that most girls rescued from human trafficking will try to return - they have been tricked into believing their abuser is actually looking out for them. For this reason, it is suggested that the girls be moved many hours away. And even then, the real solution is getting these girls into a place of safety and love and healing....and to learn about that in the arms of Jesus.

Statistics also show that about 50% of girls in the sex trafficking horror are run aways from a foster home. How can this be? How can we, in America, where we have beautiful homes with extra bedrooms, multiple cars, closets full of clothes still turn our backs on children who need a home? And so many children go to foster homes where there is not enough love or healing and they feel they have no other choice than to run away!

I believe that Safe Families can transform the foster care system in America! And if children can be kept out of the foster care system through the loving, long-term committed support of a church, then fewer and fewer teen girls will be vulnerable to sexual trafficking.

So, as I get ready for a second meeting with the FBI and the MPD, I have so many questions. But, I believe that God is putting these questions in my heart so that I think about and seek the answer. Maybe there is a home out there in the country that will take in the girls rescued from trafficking and love them to no end. Maybe there are people right here in Milwaukee who are willing to open up their homes for the first 48 hours of a girl's life of freedom. And maybe, God has a plan for His church to start caring less about a new plasma TV and more about a girl.

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