Monday, December 13, 2010

Heart Treasures

"Mary treasured these things in her heart."

I have read this verse for years and wondered what she treasured. Then Eleanor asked me this weekend, "How did Luke know she treasured things in her heart? He wasn't there!" Maybe her question is what really got me thinking about what things Mary was treasuring...and what exactly that means.

We got hit with a blizzard this weekend. Rain that turned into ice that turned into snow. Top that with wind gusts of 50 mph and wind chills well below zero and that equals a blizzard. We tried to go to church Sunday morning, even made it about 10 miles down the road before Joe admitted he could no longer feel safe driving his family to church. So, we turned the car around and went home.

Once home, Joe announced, "Time for home church!"

I was amazed how no one grumbled or complained, but instead grabbed their Bibles and headed for the kitchen table. We turned on a beautiful Chris Tomlin song and started our home church with worship. Then Lincoln said, "Time for me to go to the play area." Right on cue, he left the kitchen and went into our "dinning room turned into a den", and picked up his pirate sword and quietly began playing.

Joe asked that we start our service in prayer, so we all folded our hands and closed our eyes...and we prayed. I don't remember all that was said, exactly, or who even prayed...but I treasured that moment so dearly! Someone prayed for the chickens we had donated through World Vision. Then someone remembered that there were ducks as well, so we prayed that the ducks would be fruitful and multiply (that garnered a few giggles around the table).

I looked around my kitchen table and saw most of my children deep in prayer (Lincoln was still quietly playing). I saw a family that is close enough that we are comfortable having home church in our own kitchen. I heard my children pray for each other, proving that they really do listen. And I saw my husband, leading his family to know and love the Lord.

Heart treasures!

Could I possibly even ask for more? Isn't this something little girls dream of? Marrying a man who can announce, "It's time for home church" and gather his children around a table and lead them in a time of prayer, worship and Bible study?

Joe and I have spent countless hours lately lamenting and worrying about our situation. Can we even make it through the winter? Joe dropped Isabel off at a party on Saturday and noticed the gorgeous house she was entering. He talked to the mom for while and then came home dejected. He said, "I am failing as a husband. I can't give you that beautiful house. I can't give you the money to get the expensive haircut or the new clothes for every season. I am such a failure."

I cried. "You are NOT a failure!"

This world tells a man that his worth in in his job, his car, and providing THINGS for his family. I say my husband is worth so much more because he calls his family to home church when we can't make it in. My husband makes coffee and sits with his entire family every morning and reads the Bible out loud. My husband challenges us to pray our way through tough circumstances and situations.

And I so deeply treasure my husband.

I didn't start out thinking I would write about my husband..but I guess he is what I am treasuring most these days. Despite all our uncertainties and challenges, I wouldn't trade my $10 haircuts and Goodwill jeans and my husband for a day at the spa and a shopping spree and a man who just goes through the motions.

I know God has big plans for my husband...I am just waiting for him to take the plunge. It WILL happen and we WILL go somewhere and we WILL be serving the Lord until we die. I am certain! With a man like Joe leading me, I can't wait to see what is in store for us!

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