Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have been noticing something the last few weeks. Every morning, as the kids wait for the bus, I have been hanging on the front porch. I used to walk all the way down the driveway with them, but for some random reason, I haven't been walking down anymore. Instead, I hang on the front porch and yell down my love and my goodbyes when we see the bus.

From this vantage point, I have been able to witness something so precious.

George is skipping.

The first time I noticed, I thought, "Hmmm...he doesn't do that very often. He must be in a good mood this morning."

Then he did it again...and again. One day, he did this little tip-toe step - his feet moving so fast as he tip-toed his way to the bus. This morning, he skipped again.

While this may not seem significant to the average mom, this is huge to me! Think about it...when do children skip? What do you think of when you picture a child skipping in your mind?

A happy child.

Children skip not because someone tells them its the most efficient way to get from A to B. Children skip because something in their bodies tells them, "Life is so good! Celebrate! Skip!"

To think that we have gotten to a point where George is no longer walking head just breaks my heart to even talk about it. You see, from the first day we brought George home, we have been battling this cultural behavior of putting his head down. At school last year, George would run into people in the hall way because he always walked around looking at the ground. We had so many conversations about looking up, looking straight ahead, looking people in the face and smiling and saying hello.

It's funny how when you are training your child to do something, and when he starts doing it, you somehow don't notice. It's as if I was so in-tune to watching for that head down, running into the things George that I didn't even notice the head up, smiling George.

And now....he is the head up, skipping and laughing George.

Oh, friends....this is what adoption is about. Yes, the journey is tough. But then, you get this glimpse of a little boy who has such peace and joy in his heart that he skips his way to the school bus. So simple and sweet. Skipping.


Ann Marie said...

yipee George...yipee mom and dad!

Rbarrow said...

I love this Traci! I can truly say that I absolutely "get it" now! Little things that have SO much more wrapped around them. Only 2 months home and already experiencing some of these moments!