Thursday, November 18, 2010


George longs to have friends. And they just don't seem to be coming. This makes us all sad. George spends many dinner hours in tears asking us why he doesn't have any friends. And my heart breaks each and every time.

There are a few boys that have gravitated toward George. One takes notebooks, pencils and now money from George. And George willingly gives it in the hopes of having a friend. The two boys who hang out with George, for lack of better words, are trouble makers. They are the ones always getting in trouble and they are the ones now filling George's head with questionable behaviors.

George has begun shouting out, "I am such an IDIOT!"

We had no idea where this was coming from! At first, Joe and I thought it was another phase of George. Was he crying out for attention? Was someone calling him an idiot?

Then, I got a note from his teacher at school. He yelled it out in class the other day and the teacher informed me that a certain boy at school does the same thing. And now she is worried that George is mimicking him. Isabel then let me know that this boy rides the bus and is in trouble, almost daily, and sits behind the bus driver telling him how stupid he is.

And when I talk to George about making good choices when it comes to friends...he sobs...this boy is THE ONLY boy at school that wants to be with George.

George is loud. George gets very excited. Life still provides many new experiences for him...and he gets really excited. But, sadly, to other 7 year olds...George is weird. He's that unusual kid who talks so loudly and asks questions about everything. George is that kid who still shuts down when he is nervous or scared or if he asked to do something he has never done before. George is that kid who still doesn't quite understand "the rules" that other children are now accustomed to.

And no one is really giving him a chance. This breaks my heart.


Rbarrow said...

Oh Traci, this breaks my heart too! I wish so badly that we lived near eachother....Hailu mentions George every week, and he always speaks fondly of him! He just told me tonight again, that he wanted to go to Wisconsin soon to see George. I will be praying for him! We are experiencing the same thing here with Hailu yearning for friends.....

Ann Marie said...

Oh I know how this breaks your momma heart. Life for the older adopted child is just not easy. Praying for you.

Bear Creek Mama said...

This post seems to be leaving a wake of broken hearts. Add mine in there - it is broken for a sweet boy who is misunderstoond and it is broken for the others who are unable to see past the circumstances. Then again they are only 7. Praying for him....