Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today, Joe and I were back at the grammar school to find out how the "twins" are doing.

We started with George. It was a bounce between high and low with him. His Title 1 teacher came in and talked about how much she just loves George and how amazed she is at how far he has come! His classroom teacher commented on his meticulousness - incredibly neat handwriting, attention to details...but because of this, he will yell out across the room to "correct" one of his classmates if they are out of line. A little of the "Georgie attitude" is coming out at school. It seems he has reached a comfort level there and the teachers are seeing a side to George none of them saw last year. He pouts, he talks back...all things that we encouraged the teachers to deal with swiftly and consistently. We won't allow for that behavior. What I love the most about George's teachers is that they are willing to learn about his past, his Ethiopian upbringing, and then deal with him accordingly. They take the time to really get to know George and are encouraging him to grow into a wonderful young man.

Off to Isabel's class...and we had to laugh when she placed the quarter grading criteria in front of us. She is doing so well...she is a "pleaser" and thrives on being the teacher's pet. And so, she is excelling. We are most proud to hear that she is a good role model and kind to all the students. She was placed right next to a special needs student who is pretty low functioning. Isabel loves sitting next to her...this is what I love the most about my joy-giver. I could give up all the As if I knew she would be a lover of people, a young lady who cares about those hurting around her, and someone who shines with the love of Christ.

While I am at the kids' updates, Lincoln is loving 4K. I mean LOVING it!

Harry is doing great. Skipping 5th grade was a good decision. He is doing very well academically, and he is enjoying playing the saxophone in the band. Harry is quite good - we thought we would hear lots of honks and squeaks, but when he practices, we are always pleasantly surprised. Most shocking to me was when we came home and announced that he has joined the Student Council. Apparently only a few 6th graders can join - and they have to be nominated by their teachers. I guess Harry told one of his teachers he was interested, and next thing I know, he has to be at school early for meetings. I am telling you...that boy will be running a school some day!

Eleanor made show choir again, joined a book club, Beyond the Books and is looking forward to another season of forensics. She is trying out for the yearbook staff (yes, they have to be selected for this honor). Most exciting is that she was one of 20 students selected to go on a trip to Washington DC to attend a middle school week-long seminar on government and history. She is so excited and feels very honored to have been selected. Now...the prayers begin! She needs a lot of money to go (something we have very little extra of these days) and she needs it before Christmas break. Will you join me in praying for this? She is such an amazing girl, and she has steadfastly been there with me through all the ups and downs of the past few years. I want her to go...and enjoy this amazing opportunity.

So...they kids are continuing to do great. Joe and I continue to do our weekly prayer walks where we just take them to the throne room of God...He does the rest.

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