Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Benefit of Clearly Seeing

From the first hour we were with George, my momma instinct said "He needs glasses." So, we tried some eye exams, but due to no language and a probable fear of being wrong on the "test", we just couldn't get a good read on his eye issues. This year, I requested another eye exam at school. When he "failed" that one, I immediately looked for an optometrist who would be able to see George right away. We saw a doctor this week and sure enough, he has some issues.

His left eye has a pretty significant astigmatism. And, he is far sighted in both eyes.

Can you imagine thinking that is they way things look for your entire life? Can you imagine trying to learn a new language, learn how to read and write and do math with eyes that can't see clearly?

And to think, he is doing so well in school despite this!

The doctor said, "George, you are going to be amazed when you get your glasses how much things make sense at school now!"

George smiled.

We are so grateful to have George here where getting a thorough eye exam is easily done. And then, we can go to the nearest Walmart and purchase glasses just for him - fitted to his face and with lenses that will help his particular issues! Imagine if he was still in Ethiopia? What happens to children who can't see clearly?

Doesn't he look handsome?


Jamie said...

He looks so handsome in his new specks! The look suites him so well!

ESolgos said...

Yes, he does look handsome! When my 8 year old nephew got glasses recently, he said, "Mom, everyone should get glasses, they are so much better than regular eyes!".

~Alicia said...

What a little stud you have'll have to buy a broom at walmart to shoo away all the little ladies that come calling!