Monday, September 20, 2010

"You Can Get a New Dad!"

This weekend was a whirlwind!

Joe and I hosted an information table in the lobby of our church for the Safe Families launch. It was at times a crazy sprint, and at other times it was a long, boring wait. In between services, there were people to talk to and brochures to pass out. During the service, we sat at tables and played games and talked.

During one of our conversations, George asked about Safe Families. We have fliers and brochures that feature children. He asked, "Do these kids need a new mom or dad?"

We tried our best to explain what Safe Families is...and what it's not, but I am pretty sure that he doesn't quite get it.

During one of or down times, or dear friend Toby walked over. Toby is a mid-50s single woman who has loved on our kids since Lincoln was born. Toby is part of our family.

Georgie runs over to Toby, gives her a big hug and then runs over to our table, pointing and saying something frantically. Toby decides to follow him, noticing how excited he is to tell her something.

"Toby! You can get a new dad! Look! You can get a new dad!"

And then it hit us all. Last spring, George had asked Toby if she had a Dad. Toby told George that her daddy was in heaven. George was very sad for Toby. After asking us about Safe Families and seeing all the people come talk to us, George figured that this was a way for people who need a dad or a mom could get one. And his heart immediately thought of Toby and how she MUST want to get a new dad.

George is showing empathy. George knows the pain of losing a dad...and he knows the joy of getting a new dad....and George wanted Toby to experience that joy as well.

I am sure there is some spectrum of healing, some piece of study or research somewhere that talks about the stages of healing in an adopted child. We were prepared for an incredibly selfish child, one who was not even able to empathize...and we got just that. And for months we have been working on character - being the last in line, giving up the best seat, sharing a treat. It seems that every day we talk about thinking of others.

And yesterday, Georgie thought of his dear friend Toby and wanted her to get a new dad.

It was a very special moment.

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