Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Joy!

Tonight it finally happened! We began hearing about Hailu soon after George came home with us. I remembered the name, and so I would let George look at Hailu's picture on the Waiting Children list. Yes, Hailu was still there. He was still waiting for a Momma and a Daddy.

Hailu had been waiting for so long, that the agency made a video of him. Hailu was singing a song. George knew the song and would watch the video singing along. George told us about how he and Hailu would sleep together. And he cried and cried about wanting to send his bike to Ethiopia, so Hailu could have it. Sometimes we wondered if Hailu and George were brothers.

Then...Hailu's picture was gone!

"Oh, Georgie! Do you know what this means?"

"No, Momma."

"It means Hailu is being adopted! Praise God!"

"Momma, is Hailu coming to live with us?"

"No, I'm sorry George. But I will try to find the family that is bringing him home. Maybe some day you can see Hailu again."

Then, through the wonderful side of the internet, I met Hailu's momma - what a beautiful, kind woman! I told George Hailu is going to have a wonderful momma. George smiled.

He wanted to see pictures of Hailu's momma, so we stalked her a bit on Facebook. George would say, "Hailu needs to be nice to his momma."

We had many conversations about this. Most of them led to open, heart-wrenching talks about how Georgie treated me in the beginning.

"Momma? Georgie sorry. Georgie was so scared."

"I know son. I forgive you. I forgave you then, so I don't even think about those days anymore."

Then we heard about possible complications with Hailu's adoption; and everything seemed to be put on hold. Still, weekly Georgie would ask if Hailu was in America yet.

"Not yet, son. Let's keep praying."

And so we did. And we heard more stories about Hailu. And we prayed some more.

When the glorious day came, I cheered as I read that Hailu was finally coming home!

"Georgie! Guess what? Hailu is finally going to his new momma and daddy!"

"Can I see him?"

"Not yet. But I promise, we'll figure something out."

Hailu came home, we raced out buy a new headset so we could skype. Every day after school George would today the day?

Finally, today was the day. And there they sat, two boys from half way around the world, just smiling at each other. It was amazing to be part of their conversation. Understandably, George speaks so much more English, but they managed to talk for quite a while. Hailu asked about some of the kids they both new in the orphanage. We were able to tell Hailu that we had been in touch with some of those children. They had fun showing each other their toys. And then Hailu showed Georgie his drawings....Hailu truly has a gift from God...what a talented artist! There were a lot of smiles and giggles.

And then it was time to go...and they both shouted, "I love you!" over and over again. What joy!

As I tucked Georgie into bed tonight he hugged me so tight, sighed and said, "Today was a really good day, Momma. It was good to see Hailu."


~Alicia said...

How amazing and beautiful!

Jamie said...

Awesome! P.S. George's hair is looking wonderfully longer!

milreb said...

It always gives me chills when ET kids reunite with their friends on "the other side." So so happy for George and Hailu!

Bear Creek Mama said...

Awwww....what a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it. It really touched my heart. Sadly, my children didn't make those kind of connections.

ESolgos said...