Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Nice Things

George has had a good start to the school year? I say that with a question mark, because I just can't be sure. Last year, I pestered everyone about George: Is he doing ok? Is he getting along with kids? Is he listening to his teachers? Can he understand you? Does he know where the bathroom is? Do you know that when he raises his eyebrows, that means 'yes' in Ethiopian culture?

This year, I have had zero contact with his teacher. Zero. None. Not a single email, visit or phone call.

And I ask George each day how his day was. He always answers with a smile and says, "Good!"

He has told me a few stories about school. The first is about a new friend he made who got lost the first day. George stayed with him, worried, and even was a fraction of a second from missing his bus ride home himself! It turns out this child didn't know which bus to catch, he couldn't remember the number that took him home. The next day, George came up with a solution: write the number of the bus in marker on his hand. It worked!

Another story is about a boy in his class, who shared a room with George last year, as well. This little boy thought George's Batman notebook was cool. George had two, so he gave his friend one.

Shocked! Amazed! So happy!

Our Georgie is really learning what it means to put others first.

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