Monday, September 6, 2010

Ministry Updates

If you haven't yet checked out what Safe Families is...please do so here.

As I have written about, things have been tough lately - mainly with the business. And that has seeped into the rest of the areas of our lives and caused worry and anxiety. The words of a dear friend keep ringing in our heads, "Don't run away."

He doesn't even know us THAT well, but that is exactly what we tend to do. We are both good runners.

On Thursday, a carrot was dangled so deliciously in front of us. A job. A good job. A job that would move us far away from Wisconsin. A job that would put Joe right back into the corporate world. A job that would provide sure income, good insurance, maybe even a company car.

Joe called and I screamed - "Yes! Go for it!"

And then, he asked, "What about Safe Families?"

I had no idea my husband was so committed to this mission. I mean, I knew he supported this and he was interested and wanting to help, but I didn't know he would turn down a job for this! Don't get me wrong, it turned out that there were a few factors that caused Joe to not move forward with this offer, but one of those factors WAS Safe Families.

"Don't run away this time. Stick it out. See ME work. Watch what I can do!" says God.

So, do I really trust God? Yes! We are staying put..for now. We are still living month to month through the business - and in one month I could be back here lamenting that we should have jumped on this job. But I don't think so...I really think we are right where God wants us to be.

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