Monday, September 6, 2010

A Little Skate-Park Fun

It was a beautiful September day, so we decided to take the kids to the skate-park. They have all rediscovered their skateboards and scooters, so what better place to practice?

Lincoln enjoyed his scooter - he perfected a mini-half pike by the end of our time there.

What a beauty...although we teased her about her monochromatic outfit that day.

Handsome George never gave up.

There goes "tan-girl" - she was the only girl our there most of the day. She shared her scooter a bit with her sister, who was the only other girl there.

Harry - loving his skateboard!

George zooming around the park.

Harry showing Isabel "how to do it."

Eleanor getting a chance to show her stuff!

This is how Lincoln was often found...but...he always got back up and kept trying!

Don't they look so cool?

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