Thursday, September 2, 2010

Isabel's Newspaper Entry

Isabel's 2nd grade teacher had the children answer questions weekly that had the possibility of being published in the paper. She answered questions like, "What was your favorite book you read this year?", or "Why is it important to eat breakfast every morning?", to "Tell us about your most memorable vacation."

Apparently, toward the end of the school year she answered this one, "How have you made a difference?" The answer was published in the local paper yesterday. This is how she answered, "I used to go to downtown to a tutoring place and some of the kids don't have enough food. So, I helped serve dinner every Monday to those little girls and boys and that's how I made a difference in some one's life."

It struck me that she is being raised in an atmosphere that goes downtown and serves. And even at the age of 8, she is understanding that act is making a difference. I didn't help her write this answer, I didn't even know she was given the question.

God has moved our family from a comfortable, middle-class life to this other life. And my eyes have been opened to the immense need here! I now look for medical clinics, apply for reduced lunches at school, and will be looking to see if we qualify for child-care subsidies if I need to go back to work. A few years ago, I judged these type of people. Today, I am one of them. And my precious Isabel, is being taught that even in these times, we still can share.

I read a quote by a famous 2nd century church leader that said, "If you have food in your pantry, you have enough to share." That has hit me every time I go to the pantry and see rice, noodles, sauce, crackers, chicken broth, green chilles...and say, "Oh, there's nothing to eat!"

The kids we served downtown...they didn't have enough food to eat. And they needed a safe place to go after school where they could get help with their homework. And they needed to stay away from the influence of the evil that wants to steal our children.

This morning, my kids and I read and discussed Psalm 1. They are starting to really get it. Then, when we turned to Proverbs, they are recognizing the words - and starting to memorize them! My point, is that my children are living a life that is being transformed by the Word of God!

"Blessed is the man who mediates day and night on the law....He shall be like a tree planted by the stream, who yields it's fruit in season. And whose leaves shall not wither."

I love the idea of our lives being that tree - planted by a flowing stream of life, taking in the Word that sustains us, our leaves never dying. The life application Bible puts it this way: When we apply God's wisdom, the fruit we bear will be good and will receive approval. Just as a tree soaks up water and bears fruit, we also are to soak up God's Word, producing actions and attitudes that honor God. To achieve anything worthwhile, we must have God's Word in our hearts."


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