Saturday, September 11, 2010

How Divorce Affects George

George came home from school on Thursday acting very unusual. He was very, very quiet. And as soon as Joe came home, he raced to his side and said he didn't want to eat. The racing to Joe's side is not crazy - the not eating part is.

After asking George repeatedly what was wrong, he finally told us.

"Danny told Georgie today that his mommy got a new daddy for him. And this new daddy won't hug Danny or touch him or tell him he loves him." Georgie sobbed and tears streaming down his cheeks left salty white streaks. His heart was so broken.

"Georgie hurt for Danny." He crawled into Joe's lap and cried.

You see, Danny is a victim of divorce. And now there is a new man in his life and he doesn't really care for Danny. Or so it seems. Danny cried to George today about it. And George understood.

George knows all to well the sting of rejection. George remembers the pain of being unloved and abandoned. And George doesn't want anyone to feel those feelings.

And George doesn't want to feel those feelings himself...ever again. Suddenly, the fear of Joe leaving and me finding a new daddy that would take Joe's place griped George. The thought was all consuming and it took many hours of reassuring George before he was comfortable with our promises of never divorcing.

Divorce hurts...more than you might think.

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Jamie said...

It's amazing to see George's heart in this! Some of our best friend's are going through a divorce and it's painful to see how each time we see them the sweet innocence of being a child is less and less. Replaced by the reality of the conflict caused by the divorce.
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