Wednesday, September 15, 2010

George's Teacher

A few nights ago, the kids' elementary school had it's open house. At this event, I had the chance to meet George's teacher. Remember how I said this year was so different because I didn't seek out the teacher before school to tell George's story? I was anxious to meet his teacher this night to just lay some groundwork and start establishing a good relationship.

If I could sum up the experience in one sentence it would be this: GOD LOVES GEORGIE!

God blessed George last year with a nurturing "Grandma-like" teacher. Quiet, calm, loving, lots of hugs, with clearly defined rules and boundaries. Perfect for George's first year of school.

This year? God placed George in a godly woman's classroom! George's teacher is unashamed to call herself a believer! She prays with children! She encourages kids to go to AWANA! She loves the Lord, as was evident in the way she talked to us and the way she loved on George. You would think my kids were in a Christian private school - they are not. We chose to send our kids to public school, honestly because we heard God telling us to TRUST HIM.

He challenged me as to where I was putting my trust. Do I trust in my ability? Do I trust in a school with a certain label? Or do I trust Him? I can now testify that God has been with my children in the public school system. He has blessed all five now with Christian teachers. Every day, all of my children are being taught by a teacher who loves the Lord and follows hard after him.

God is so good! There are times when I cry over not having my children at home anymore, but after meeting George's teacher, I am given that little gift from God where He whispers in my ear, "Don't worry...I've got them in my hands!"

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