Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And They're Off!

The kids are back in school. I always approach this day full of mixed emotions. This is the 2nd year of the kids being in public school. Before that, we home schooled. And we all loved it. I still don't know why God led us to the changes we made a few years ago. I THINK I know why, but I have learned that at least 50% of the time, what I think God is thinking is totally wrong.

This morning we started in the Word. It felt so, so good to be sitting around the kitchen table reading Psalms and Proverbs. We were so early this morning, we even had time for a long prayer - I prayed for each child, blessing them, and then blessing their school year. Last year, God was so faithful to our children - and I see the same this year. I am amazed at how many believers are sprinkled into our school system. And praise God, He seems to put my children in just the right classroom!

As they went off to school, I admit that I miss home schooling greatly. But, I just don't feel called to start that up again. Why, Lord? I do feel that He wants us to supplement their public school education - and most importantly to fill them with the Word each morning before they go to school. It seems that almost all my friends are home schooling this year - what's up with that? Seriously, I wish them the best, an I know they will never regret spending this time with their children.

So, why has God moved us out of something our whole family loved? I think it is because He wants me going after this ministry...and He knows I had NO extra time - especially as the kids were getting older and their school work was getting more intense.

I am on a mission now - truly - a mission to get Safe Families running at full speed in Milwaukee. God has place this passion in my heart and I know He is equipping me each step of the way. Ideas pop into my head that I couldn't have possibly thought of. Connections are being made all over the city. For example, my missionary friends from Ethiopia have led me to a woman in Milwaukee who has a heart for this! It took someone in Addis Ababa to point me to a woman a few miles down the road - amazing!

I am meeting with the missions pastors at my church tomorrow morning to talk about how do we engage the church. I could probably write for hours on all the reasons why Christians DON'T do things like Safe Families - most of them are not very good ones. But, I was encouraged this morning talking to my kids' music teacher - she asked me about Safe Families and got tears in her eyes as she said, "If only I didn't have to work full time now. If I would have known about this 2 years ago, things may be very different because this is something we would have loved to do."

This inspires me. There ARE people out there who are willing to open their homes to vulnerable, scared children. I just need to find them.

Lord, please be opening the hearts and minds of the families YOU have in mind for Safe Families. Continue to call out to them, leading them to this ministry. I pray you would grant me wisdom to find them and to encourage them. Lord, I lay this ministry at your feet and pray that You will do with it as you will...THY WILL BE DONE.


~Alicia said...

I like the new title!!!

Bear Creek Mama said...

Tracy, Praying for you tonight....I hear your heart as you are stepping out in His name at a time that seems 'crazy' by world standards and is scary for you. One month at a time and one step at a time. You are blessed to have the support of your husband and your Father. Stand strong dear sister. He is faithful.