Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Questions! Questions! Aaaagh!

I wish I had a tape recorder to remember all the questions George is asking these days..but no, I probably would want to destroy it. George is driving us all crazy with the constant barrage of questions. One after another...each answer soliciting another questions!

It finally dawned on me! He is like a three year old - you know when they just ask questions - not the same one over and over again - but billions of questions in one day.

"What is that?"

"When is tomorrow?"

"What does later mean?"

"Is Dad at work?"

"Is it going to storm today? Tomorrow? Later?"

"Why is Gunnar a dog?"

"Why is Lincoln's hair crazy?"

"What grade is Harry going into?"

"Can I buy a car when I am 16?"

"Can I get a computer when I am 14?"

"How old will I be when I am 18?"

"Is my birthday the same day as Christmas?"

"Does anyone have a birthday on Christmas?"

"Why is your birthday near Christmas?"

"Are we going to ignore your birthday this year?"

"What's for dinner tomorrow night?"

"Why is Grandma in Ohio?"

And those were the questions in the past hour!

His curiosity is hitting a peak! It really is like a child, a young child, who needs to figure everything out. The first year home, George concentrated on just learning vocabulary, learning that the round ceramic thing on the table is called a plate. Now, he wants to know what it is made of, why we use them, when I bought them, and what I plan on doing with them in 4 months. Most of my answers do nothing more than bring up more questions.

I have to be honest and say I get tired of this. Why is it cute when a three year old asks tons of questions, but not so cute when it is George? Although, maybe if I really remembered correctly, there were probably times I met Joe at the door at 6:00pm and yelled, "If that Ellie asks one more question today, I think I am going to scream!"

But just now, as I am writing this, George came over to tell me a cute story about today. He looks out the window and gasps.

"Momma, look at that!"

It is an amazing sun-set.

He puts his arm around me and says, "It's orange and blue and yellow. So cool."

Yes, George, it IS so cool - but I'm not talking about the sun-set, I'm talking about YOU!


Ann Marie said...

Oh good. Something to look forward to. :)

~Alicia said...

What a bittersweet time of life for you!v