Friday, August 13, 2010

George in Ohio

I was a bit worried about what a big trip to Ohio would do to George. As we are approaching more and more "seconds" in his life (2nd trip to Ohio, 2nd back-to-school shopping, 2nd school orientation, 2nd summer at the pool, etc.), we are settling into a nice routine. Language is there; behavior is slowly molding into an "acceptable", American norm; love is growing every day. But, we are also keenly aware about how one little blip can send George reeling - sending us all, actually, two or three steps back. I worried about a big party where George was not getting any gifts or attention, I worried about lots of people wanting to meet George, and I worried about spending the night in a hotel for several nights. Trust me...all these things a year ago would have been a recipe for disaster!

Joe and I decided to prepare George as much as possible.

"There are going to be a lot of people who want to meet you and talk to you. Please try to smile, be polite and tell people hello."

"Grandma and Grandad are going to be celebrated. They may get gifts. There will be no gifts for you. This trip is about them."

"We are going to Kings Island. There are a lot of big, big rides. Americans think it is fun to ride a scary ride." He didn't quite get this one.

The result? George did wonderfully in Ohio! He absolutely loved meeting all his cousins, and he is still talking about his oldest one. While he enjoyed Kings Island, the big scary rides still confused him. "Momma, why you want to be scared? You might die on that ride! Look at that big hill! Georgie does not want to go on ride with big hills anymore!" Best of all, George was kind and polite to most everyone who wanted to meet him.

This was a sign to me how far we have come.

It has been a life-changing year; and God is continuing to mold me, re-make me, and challenge me. I feel a bit fact, I think I need to start writing about it or I am going to explode. Things with George are going great, but it is now other challenges that God has led us to. I want to scream, "Enough! Can I please have a break of this character training?" But I know there is a purpose.

Well, that is for tomorrow. For now, I am enjoying looking at our pictures of a great week and thinking of how our family is....well...a family...finally.

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