Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Countdown Has Begun

We are counting down the days until school starts. Not because I am one of those moms who desperately wants her kids out of the house, but because I know my children are truly happy at school. If I thought they were unhappy, I would bring them back home in an instant. But, they are all excited and are happy to be in school.

George is especially happy! I think how amazing it is that one year ago, he barely understood what school was. I made several visits to his school during August last year. I talked to the principal, I talked to his teacher, I met his ESL teachers. I told them all what to expect, what to not expect and then came home and got on my knees to pray. I didn't believe he would do well. He was struggling so much at home, I couldn't imagine how he would ever get comfortable at school.

But...he did! God blessed him with a teacher who was like a grandmother to him - loving, nurturing, patient. She would send me little notes during the year telling me how much George meant to her. We were warned by our neighbors that our school was the "bad" school in our city. It was the school where all the poor kids go - the school where all the kids who don't speak English go. I had the choice to send only George there, and put the other two into a much "nicer" school. I opted to keep the family together.

I am so grateful I did. Our school is not the "bad" school - and shame on the Watertown residence who told me it was. Yes, many of the kids come from poor families - but hey, I now live at the poverty level, so you would say we are one of those poor families. Yes, probably 1/2 the children are bi-lingual and many parents don't speak English - but we are a bilingual family - in a sense. We have adopted some Amharic words and now eat Ethiopian food on a regular basis - so we are now one of those families, too!

This was the perfect place for my family. No one judges George there. No one looks at my children wearing hand-me-downs as being any less than anyone else. And the teachers really care about their students.

So, we are all excited to be starting again. Joe and I set out on a prayer walk last Saturday, giving God, yet again, our children and the school year. I trust God is putting them exactly where they need to be, and I am also trusting when He convicts me to add a supplemental lesson here and there.

Just a couple more days and we'll be waiting at the end of the driveway for the country bus. All of are excited!

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Jamie said...

We too are in countdown mode! Sophia is so excited, Etienne is strongly against it and I'm a little bit of both!