Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Did You Say???

Here are a few things I have heard recently that make me go, "What did you say?"

George was called "a colored boy". Are we still living in the 1940s?

I was talking about the Dollar Tree with someone. We have a new one in town and I mentioned that we had made our first trip a few days ago. The person I was talking with said, "Did you notice there was a black man working there? I was so impressed with him, I mean, he was just trying so hard. He was really working. I guess those stereotypes of blacks aren't all true."

Then there was the woman at the soccer field who said, "We just love watching your black boys play. They are just so much better than the rest of us. You must be so proud of your boys." OK, what she said was awful, but she was thinking that George and Tersony (who was adopted from Haiti) were brothers. She obviously could not notice how these two boys look nothing alike...oh...other than their brown skin.

Thankfully, George has been shielded from these idiotic words. But, I know someday he will hear them and wonder. Until then, we continue to marvel at his beautiful, soft skin and tell him how handsome he is.

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