Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I'll's hard for me to be truly, here are a few pictures from the weekend. We had family visit and enjoyed a great time of silly string and water fights.

Brothers....not much more to say other than I just love this picture!

Grammy and Pop-pop and my stair steps :)

Silly string...looks like everyone is getting Harry!

But George ended up with the most on his head!

Boys getting Pop-pop!

Another picture of the brothers :)

Dead-eye, Eleanor!

The fun is about to begin.

They paused for a picture just before throwing those cups of water at each other.

This has become an every-day ritual...fill the purple pail, grab cups full of water and then throw the water at each other. Usually ends up in a fight...but they insist on doing it again the next day!

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