Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes Kindness is Hard to Come By

George has moments of pure joy. And then, we are faced with mean George. He tells us often to "be quiet", "mind your own business", "go away, I not listen to you". These phrases get under my skin and do great damage to my heart.

We don't talk to our children that way. Our children used to not talk to each other that way. But there are not times that I hear them saying those same phrases to George...and I don't blame them.

George can unleash fury of mean words on us. And when it is combined with a look of disgust on his just gets old. We are all so tired of his mean ways.

I know, this is understandable, usual, I should expect nothing but this...but I want you to know...this a possible reality of adopting an older child. He can be so mean.

I talk and talk until I am exhausted about being kind.

"What does kind mean, Momma?" George will ask, totally frustrated.

"Um, well, being kind means thinking of others, caring about others..."

"I don't want to think of others." He walks away.

How does a child become so hard-hearted? How many more children are sitting in hard places right now, just becoming more and more hard-hearted because NO ONE is showing them love, mercy...and kindness? It is unfair.

I know we are in for years of character development. I am in this for the long haul. But some days, I am just ready for George to be kind.

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