Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sleep-Over in the Living Room

Weldies don't do sleep-overs. There, I said it.

Several years ago, Joe and I made this decision after listening to a respected couple at church share their views on sleep-overs; they don't do them. After talking, we were on the same page and told the kids. They were not happy, after all, EVERY ONE does sleep-overs.

Well, we don't.

I'll share some of my experiences at sleep-overs, starting in the 3rd grade up until I graduated form high school. Let's see...I saw my first pornography at a sleep-over. My hosts' father kept a huge box of Playboy in his basement, and as soon as mom and dad were upstairs, my friend dove into the box. I was 8 years old.

As a middle schooler, I had my bra frozen, and had warm water poured down my legs to make me think I had wet the bed. Both of these incidents horrified me; why would my "friends" do this?

As I got older, I got into mischief. I toilet papered numerous "rivals", even going so far as to use shaving cream on a garage door - yup, took the varnish right off and they had to spend a lot of money getting that repaired. I also broke plastic forks into yards - I am sure the owners loved that when they went to cut their grass. And I was a good kid!

The high school years found me sneaking out of my friends house and hanging out with guys...all night long. I had my first beer doing this. All of these forays were egged on by my "friends". Peer pressure at it's worst!

Again, I was a good kid with attentive parents who I knew loved me and cared for me. I was not the troubled kid who was looking for trouble, but I sure found it when no adult was watching. The least of my troubles were no sleep and feeling horrible the next day, usually sleeping for hours during the day. The worst..well, you just read them.

And these are my stories...Joe's are worse!

So, we decided our kids can hang out with friends until 10:30 or 11:00 when they are invited to a sleep-over and then we will pick them up. They will fall asleep in their own beds, getting a good night's sleep and being safe at home.

Many parents don't agree with our stance - probably most of my friends think we are crazy for our rule. But, Joe and I are standing by it, trusting that this is part of what God meant when He called us to raise our children. (I want to be clear that I am making NO judgements on your choices, just sharing what God led Joe and I to.) light of our ultra strict policy, we often set up sleep-overs in the living room! We just had one last weekend. The kids spent hours gather every blanket and pillow in the house creating elaborate "tents". Once the pajamas were on, Joe brought out the "Grab Bag of Fun". This is when Joe sneaks to the gas station and buys several Little Debby snacks - you know the ones that go for .35 each. He puts a bunch in a paper bag and calls it the "Grab Bag of Fun". Each child gets to reach in, without looking, to pull out their evening snack - this night, they each got TWO!

They put on Star Wars and watched until their eyelids could no longer stay open. And then...they all ended up back in their beds! As one child put it..."It's just not that comfortable sleeping on the floor when you know your comfy bed is right there."

Here are some pictures from our sleep-over.

PS - Eleanor was babysitting that night

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