Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh, I Wish I Had My Camera!

I sent my camera to the DR with Joe and Harry...and oh, how I wish I had it now! As I write this, Lincoln and George are playing this amazing make-believe game outside. I am sure the neighbors are laughing away...

Let me see if I can even begin to describe this...

George is wearing camouflage head to toe. He looks like an army guy - yet with an interesting flair. The jacket is tucked into his pants and the pants are then pegged and rolled up at the bottom. For some reason, George thinks pants are too long if they touch the top of his feet and he insists on rolling things up. I think this is from years in the orphanage where clothes never quite fit right. Then he has an army hat on with ear flaps covering his ears. That combined with bright read flip-flops!

Then Lincoln...oh, he is the funny one. He is wearing this metallic, shiny sliver body suit. Yes, we have a metallic, shiny silver body suit - doesn't every family? It's not tight, it is more space-suit looking, but it is one piece. And it billows in the wind. This is topped off with a Green Bay Packer helmet. And blue flip-flops.

And as they chase each other around the yard and call each other names I can't recognize (I think they are Rex and Ben), I am simply humbled by these two boys. They are so different!

One from America. One from Africa. One with fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair. One with chocolate skin, brown eyes and black hair. One has had everything he ever needed and most of what he has wanted. One has experienced death, hunger and abandonment.

Yet, here they play as if they have everything in common.

As I was walking in I heard George say to Lincoln, "You are my best friend. You are my brother."

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Rbarrow said...

I LOVED reading that Traci! Thanks for sharing that! I hope to see that kind of relationship develope for Hailu and Isaac! I wish you would have had your camera too! (: