Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is The Story Over?

I am not even sure where to start...but I wonder if my "adoption story" is over? Something happened on Father's Day. Something that sent my spirit soaring. Something that said, "We're going to make it." Something that erased all the heartache, all the rejection, all the frustration in one single moment.

George got it.

What is "it"? It is the thing that Joe and I had been praying for from the moment we decided to adopt Georgebush from Ethiopia. It is what we felt motivated our adoption. It is leading a boy into a saving relationship with Jesus.

Oh, how I wish I could have run to the computer to write down everything that happened that evening. But, I couldn't. So I will do my best to share that moment.

Joe and George were on the front porch the evening of Father's Day. They began talking about fathers. George likes to talk about his "Africa-Daddy", and when George asked about what it means to die, Joe naturally thought he was going to talk about his "Africa-Daddy" passing away. They talked a bit about this, and Joe is so frank about death. George likes that. For George has experienced more death than I have! It was a huge part of his life, so talking about it openly and matter-of-factly is fine with him. George said, "My Africa-Daddy stopped breathing and went under the grass. He is still there. I don't want to go under the grass."

Joe replied, "Well, if you believe in Jesus, you won't stay under the grass. You will go to heaven and live with Jesus!"

"Oh, Daddy! Tell me more about this!"

At this point, Joe sent George in to get me so I could join the conversation. He could tell this was going to be a special moment. So, George asked me, "Tell me about Jesus and not dying."

I began by talking about how sometimes we all do bad things, we sin. George nodded his head. He understands. In fact, when Joe was on his way home from the DR, he called and asked George if he had been a good boy. George answered, "Sometimes good. Sometimes bad."


Well, I set up a scenario for George. "Let's pretend that you did something really mean, something really bad to Lincoln. Let's pretend that you took one of his toys and broke it. It was ruined. Then, let's say that I found out and confronted you about this. When you admitted that you stole and broke the toy, I told you there would not be a punishment."

George nodded his head. He understood that if we do something "bad", there is usually a consequence to that behavior and at this point in his life, that consequence is a punishment given out by mom or dad.

"But...here's the good news...let's pretend that Harry heard about what happened with the toy and the punishment. And Harry steps in and says, 'I will take George's punishment, Mom. I love him and don't want to see him get in trouble.' So, I decide to forgive you of the bad thing you did, and take Harry to his room to punish him for what should have been yours."

At this point, George busts into tears. His face is flooded with tears and something sinks in and touches his soul. Something that George never knew about in Ethiopia! I have learned that there are not even words for "sorry" or "forgiveness" in his native language. No one has remorse for their sin, and no one offers free forgiveness.

"George, this is what Jesus did for you! When he died on the cross, when the bad men hurt him, Jesus did that because he loves YOU, George Weldie, so much! He knew that you would sin, and yet He wanted to take your punishment so you could be in heaven some day."

I went on, "This is because God is so holy, He can't even be in the same place as us because he hates sin. So, when we do bad things, we can never be with him. But, even while God is holy, he desperately loves YOU so much that He sent His son to die on the cross."

George is still crying, but looks up at us. "I believe this. Jesus really love Georgie that much?"

"Yes, George. He loves you that much!"

Joe steps in and suggests that we pray and he leads us in a beautiful prayer, just the three of us, standing now in the front lawn. George believes. With this precious faith of a child who suddenly understood his need for a savior.

After the prayer, George threw his hands into the air and said, "I need to sing to Jesus. I need to tell him I love him!"

So, there we stood, all three of us singing at the top of our lungs "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so! Little ones to Him belong. They are week, but He is strong! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so."

George looked at me and said, "I want to hear Jesus' voice, Momma! How can I hear Him? I want Him to tell me how to live."

We told George that Jesus doesn't talk to us with a voice we can hear, but the best way is to read His Word. George ran into the house and brought out his easy-reader Bible and said, "I want to read all about Jesus. I want to know Him. Read with me, Momma!"

We sat on the grass and I read about Jesus calming the storm. George was amazed.

After calling it a night, we tucked the kids into bed and George said, "I'm a Christian now. I want to tell everyone about this. They need to know about not going under the grass, but what Jesus did."

You are so right, Georgie! And I pray this fire in you never goes out. I pray that you tell the whole world about this Jesus and what He did for them! I celebrated my son and I praised my God who loves us so much that He gave His one and only son to die on a cross to cover all my sin.

The next morning, George ran into my bedroom at dawn and exclaimed, "I dream about Jesus last night. I see Jesus."

My breath was taken away thinking of how much our God loves one small orphan boy from Ethiopia. He moved our hearts to adopt. He moved governments to allow an adoption. He changed my life; He changed George's life all out of love: relentless, amazing love!

Do you know that He loves YOU with that same love?

So, I wonder...is this story over? Has the final chapter been written about our adoption?


Shelly said...

Thank you Jesus!!!!! There is a party going on in heaven!!!! Yes George!!!! This is one of the most beautiful posts I have read. Now George has truly been "adopted" into the family of God! He is now for you a brother and a son! I know for your readers like me who have prayed so much for you guys this is a huge day! God is telling all of us, "I heard each prayer, and in my perfect time, on Father's Day, I chose for my adoption of George to be complete." Praise be to our LORD!

Alicia-Marie Christensen said...

Praise the Lord! I have goose bumps and tears in my eyes. What an amazing moment for you three and especially for George!

Ann Marie said...

Yipeeeeee Jesus!

Yodit Bordier said...

Yikirta = Sorry
Yikir maglet = Forgiveness
Yikirta madreg = To forgive
Tse-tset = Remorse
Don't know what your son's native language is but these are the words in Amharic - a national language in Ethiopia.

Traci Weldie said...

Thank you for the Amharic words. He does not speak Amharic.

Bear Creek Mama said...

This is such a beautiful story of a beautiful heart. Can you believe how far he has come! My oh my how much LOVE can do! (I know that's not a very good sentence but it seemed to accurately say what I wanted)
No, your story is not over at all....