Friday, June 4, 2010

George's Acting Debut

Last night, we attending the kids' school end of the year celebration. It was our chance to see all the work the kids have done throughout the year.

First, we visited Isabel's classroom and enjoyed reading many writing projects of hers. She is really following in her sister's footsteps as her teacher said, "I really think Isabel will be an author some day!". For the record, Eleanor brought home her writing yesterday and this was a response from one of her teachers, "All I can say after reading your work is, this is AMAZING! I have NEVER known a seventh grader to write like this! What talent you have. Not only did I read this aloud to my husband, you brought tears to my eyes with your insightful ending. Someday, when you write a book, I'd love to have a signed copy!"

OK - wait, this is not about the girls' writing ability - although I just had to share because I am so, so proud of those two girls!

Back to George....well, we knew he was going to be making his acting debut at the evening celebration. And in typical George fashion, he began shutting down as soon as he got home from school. The shutting down came first, and then the angry, nasty boy came out. This time, Joe and I understood that George was scared and nervous, he was about to do something out of his comfort level. So, we boosted him up, encouraged him and told him he would do a great job.

The time came for his classmates to start their play. I saw a frightened little boy up at the front of the classroom, keeping his head low and eyes down - reverting back to Ethiopian cultural ways. When it was time for his line, he froze....for about a minute, he stared off in space with a very angry look on his face.

I was squirming in my seat. What would he do next? Would he run out of the room screaming? Would he ever say his line? Would the play be ruined now?

Eleanor, sitting next to me, quietly reminded George of his line, "I am Mercury. I live closest to the sun..." He must have heard because he suddenly snapped "to" and said his line. He even was able to say his last line correctly, "I am very warm." This was a big deal because for weeks he had been saying, "I am very worm."

He did it! And despite the minute freeze, we all praised him, hugged him and told him he had done a wonderful job!

It was a good close to a wonderful school year. George has learned so much in one year's time! His teacher was telling me that in the last week, he was reading books that were the beginning books of 1st grade! So, in one year, George has done the following:
  • learned how to understand the spoken English language
  • learned how to speak accurately the English language
  • spell 50 basic words correctly needed to be mastered in 1st grade
  • learn how to count to 100 by tens, add (sometimes) and know some money values
  • write his thoughts in sentences (with help from an adult)
  •! He can read...and when he sees words, he wants to read more and more and more!

I am so grateful for how far he has come academically!

I am also grateful for the friends he has made. Last night, one of the boys in his class sent his mom over to me to set up a play date! I really did not think this would come yet.

Oh, we still have our bad moments, our selfish Georgie who makes us all want to pull our hair out...but we are getting more and more glimpses of the George to come - the hard working, school-loving, friend-having boy who makes all those around him happy.

A great finish!

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