Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Summer!

I am finding it pretty much impossible to find the time to sit down at the computer and write what has been going on around here. I am afraid I will lose some of my precious memories, so I need to just get some thoughts see, I use this blog as my personal journal - ha!

Friday, Joe and I decided we must make a much-needed family get-away. So, we drove to University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. We have heard this was a good school, and it is only about 35 minutes from our house, so why not? I actually did get questions, "Why a college campus?"

Why not?

Joe and I love college campuses! They are usually beautifully landscaped, well maintained, and showcase unified architecture. And...most of all...we wanted to begin inspiring our children to GO TO college.

I think we accomplished our least with the oldest two. The loved it! We walked the entire campus, guessing as to which building was a residence hall, a dining hall and which were classrooms. We explored the student union (the kids' favorite spot) and they giggled with delight at the lounge area and the bowling alley. We then took the kids into the university library - and then couldn't believe the children's section! It was massive and had an amazing selection and a wonderful layout! I resolved right then and there that the next rain-out day, we'll drive to Whitewater and just hang in the library.

Eleanor was "sold" the minute we started walking around. But, when I walked her through the bookstore and showed her how you purchase your books for each semester, she exclaimed, "The next five years are going to be soooo looong!"

We successfully walked every inch of the campus without bickering, grumbling or complaining - always a plus in my mind! So, we rewarded the kids by driving into town to get them each an ice-cream cone! Good ice-cream, I might add.

We had heard that Whitewater was one of the most diverse UW campuses in Wisconsin. We always laughed at that. Really? It's in the middle of twenty cornfields - which by the way, made Joe and I feel totally at home coming from Miami U. There were not many students on campus that Friday afternoon, but the ones we saw were definitely diverse! We saw a balanced mix of all races, colors and abilities. We noticed ramps all over the campus, and when we saw several students tooling around campus in their wheelchairs, we understood. This campus really IS diverse!

And that made all the difference...George was comfortable, at ease...he saw people that look like him.

So, it was a wonderful afternoon. Joe and I decided right then and there that our next family get-away will be Eau Claire to check out that campus. Why not? My first visit to a college campus was when I was 8 and my sister was going off to Miami...and look where I ended up? It made such an impression on my mind that I made the decision to be a good student and get to that college some day. We will continue to inspire and challenge our kids...