Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sometimes, no words need be spoken.

Yesterday morning, I met George in the kitchen. He looked at me, smiled and walked away. I smiled back. Then, he came running back in and hugged me. Tight. He squeezed and held on. This was not a typical good morning hug.

We lingered in the kitchen, just hugging for a minute or two. Then he walked away.

I knew what that hug was saying. And I forgave him.

Joe and I are committed to raising our children in a home where forgiveness is abundant. We vowed to never bring something back in their face. We won't say, "Remember that time you ran away? Well, I still have never forgiven you for that." No, when we forgive, we put it away for good.

I am trusting that this love and forgiveness will break through years of trauma.