Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Name Five

There are over 147 million orphans in the world...but can you name five of them?

This question was recently posed by Kay Warren and shared at the Summit...and after the speaker asked this question, there was a stunned silence in the room. The number of fatherless and orphans is staggering. But the number says nothing to most people.

In fact, my own husband is guilty of saying it is just a number. I know he is simply being honest with me and encouraing me to find other ways to be an advocate. So, I am asking you...can you name five?

Of course, those of us in the adoption world CAN name five, but we make up such a small percentage of the population. It is time for all Christians to KNOW the orphan.

This is what I have come home with, the burden to encourage a church to move from self-development to self-sacrficie. We (and this is probably true for most American churches) are very good at developing a quiet time, knowledge, a better prayer life. We work at losing weight in light of scripture, having friends according to the words of the Bible, and we do a really good job of taking away personal applications from sermons. But all those things are about self-development. Arren't we "developed" enough by now?

Self-sacrifice. Who wants to do that? Jesus did. And we call ourselves Christians - Christ-like - yet are we self-sacrificial? I am afraid that for far too long, I was sacrificing the easy things in my life - but by definition, if it is easy, it is not sacrificing. I never understood this until this past year.

Do not be afraid of doing the hard things! The hard things bring you closer to Christ, to understanding the heart of God! Doing the hard things refines you, sanctifies you.

If you can't name five orphans today, and I mean orphans, not former-orphans, go to a website like or and start getting to know five today. Read their information and ask God to remind you to pray for them every day. Name five.

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ESolgos said...

What a fantastic challenge, Traci. We can't let our fears hold us back from doing hard things. The most repeated command in the Bible is "do not fear". What are we doing that makes us afraid? If we aren't doing things that require God to come through, we aren't living out our faith.