Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soccer Saturday

Saturday was George's first soccer game. I think he was nervous and excited at the same time; very understandable. Friday night was a make-up game for Isabel, and during the whole game, George was telling me he didn't want to play soccer anymore. Joe was getting frustrated, but I remembered what I have learned lately about this. We assured George that he would do a great job and that it would be fun.

Saturday morning, Isabel had another game, so we sat through that one before heading over to the field where George would be playing. So far, so good.

After missing two practices, then having a game and a practice cancelled due to Wisconsin weather, George has not seen his team for over 2 weeks. But, the boys recognized him and all called out, "Hey George!"

He smiled.

At one point, George tripped in the net and got his cleat stuck. The boy from Haiti (who could probably play up a few grades) booted a shot on goal that nailed George in the side. I sat and watched, so nervous about George and wondering how he would handle this. Suddenly, a few of the boys, including the one that kicked the ball, noticed George was stuck and ran to his aid. I saw George wipe away a few tears, say thank you, and then run back in line to take a shot on goal.

I was so proud of him.

The whistle blew and it was time for the game to begin. The team started strong, scoring two goals right away...again, thanks to you-know-who! George sat on the bench for that first set, and when it was time for subs to run out, he was right there with the next set of 5 players. Momma was so nervous. George just doesn't know that much about the game yet. I wondered how he would do...would he go the right direction....would he quit if something didn't go his way?

The answers: he did pretty well...he did kick the ball in the wrong direction a few times...and he did not quit. In fact, he did have a few key stops during the game that won great applause from the watching parents.

The final whistle blew and George's team won hands down. The boys high-fived each other and then shook hand with the opposing team. George ran to me and said, "Georgie like soccer!!"

I hugged him and sent him off to his huddle, as the coach wanted to talk to them.

Suddenly, I knew something was wrong. George was looking around in a panic. Did he lose us? Was he scared? No, he saw us...but he looked a little angry. Then, he saw what he was looking for and promptly marched over to the opposing team, reached out his hand and waited for a snack! I was horrified...and frozen. Thankfully, Harry showed some maturity beyond his years and calmly walked over to George, put his arm around him and tried to explain that he could NOT get a snack from the other team.

George was so angry and cried all the way to the car.

Mental note: put some granola bars in my purse before going to any more games.

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