Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pray With Me

Good day dear ones,

Wednesday morning, I had the amazing opportunity to meet and pray with an Elmbrook couple who are also foster parents. I would ask that you read their story and then come back to this email to see how you can provide a small bit of help to this family:

I saw these twins and let me tell you, God is healing them!!! They look amazing considering what they have been through and their foster momma and daddy LOVE them with every bit if their being. They need our help! First of all pray, pray, pray! On April 20th, a bio sister of the mother (the one who was in jail for child abuse before horribly abusing her twins) has sued for custody. April 20th is a jury trial to decide if the foster couple can keep these twins. At this point, I need to give a bit of background: the twins came to the foster couple at 2 days old and lived with them until they were about 7 months old. This sister was given the children by a social worker and judge. She in turn gave them to their mother and father. For over 3 months, these boys endured horrendous abuse. These boys will never be the same. Now, this sister wants them back again. Pray that justice is done! Pray hat these precious boys, who are thriving and healing in this loving home, are allowed to stay there. Unfortunately, this will be only the first trial...the foster couple hope to adopt these boys and that will bring many more battles. So, will you join me in pray on April 20th? There court date starts at 8:30am. I am asking for a time of prayer and fasting that morning.

Will you join me? Next....can you purchase a pack of size 5 diapers? Foster dad is laid off...they also have a 9 month foster child in addition to the twins....and all they asked for was diapers. Let's see to it that they have plenty of size 5 diapers! If you can help, please purchase a pack of diapers, tape a piece of paper with my name on it (Traci Weldie) and put it on the shelf above the coat rack behind the information desk (right across from the chapel). I will collect diapers until Wednesday afternoon, when I will then drive the load over to the family.

This couple is trusting completely in God...they both say they would do it all over again for these boys...and they cried out to God with honest tears for help.

Thank you,Traci Weldie

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