Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gotcha Day!

Today, April 20th, marks our first "Gotcha Day". This is the day we celebrate the day George Bush entered our lives. Today, there will be no real party or fan-fare..I don't think any of us are totally ready for that. George gets so confused over any change in his routine, so today is going to be like any other Tuesday. My prayer is that someday, we can really talk about and celebrate the day we walked into a crowded orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and saw George standing there waiting for us.

But for now, I want to share a little about our weekend. Besides being crazy with multiple musical performances by Eleanor, two soccer games for Isabel, our ministry pot-luck lunch and a mission trip meeting, this weekend found George in his 2nd soccer game of the season.

I had watched a little of his practice a few days earlier and I noticed how quickly George was picking up on the game. But I have to admit, I was a little surprised when the coach sent out the starting line-up and there he was! As was the case in the first game, George's team charged like gang-busters up the field and controlled the ball for most of the game. George had a few great kicks here and there and was doing a fantastic job of being in the right position.

Then, all of a sudden, George stole the ball and had a clear lane in front of him. He looked up and ran full force and bam! Gggggooooooaaaaaallllll! I couldn't believe it! The whole crowd went wild - for some reason all the parents seem to cheer louder for a boy they know has had a tough life. George smiled from ear to ear as his teammates gave him high-fives.

I was especially touched by the way his siblings reacted. They all truly felt pride in their brother. Someone told me recently that a good way to know that the love is growing is to see how you react when your child does something special. Well, here was something special, and we all were so excited for George! Little Lincoln was sitting on my lap (because it was freezing!!) and clapped his hands wildly.

When George was called off the field, he made a bee line for us, wanting to make sure we knew he scored a goal. He ran straight to Lincoln and they hugged. Then Lincoln said, "Georgie! Come here! Georgie, I am so proud of you for scoring a goal!" Neither one could contain the joy they were feeling and it was rather contagious. All who were sitting around us got a little emotional at the display of true brotherly love.

But, the best part of the morning was when the game was over. George ran over to us and we thought he would talk about how he scored a goal or how his team won the game. No....he wanted to show us his snack and juice box!

So, on this "Gotcha Day" I can say that our love is truly growing and that George has forever changed our family. It is amazing what one little boy can teach a family and I still can't wait to see what God has in store for this boy.

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milreb said...

Georgie's gotcha day was probably not a blissful one. Pray that God gives you hindsight, foresight, and smiles on this oh so significant anniversary. Felt like giving that boy a big high five reading the post. Soccer stud!