Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy Time of Year

I find it so hard to sit down and blog these days...probably the sunshine mixed with warmer temperatures has me clamoring to simply be outside. But, these days have been busy....this week alone we have two soccer practices, two games, two musical performances and one Show Choir event.

The most exciting part of the week....we bought a John Deere tractor! Yippee!!! The grass was getting so long and I was able to convince my husband that it didn't need cutting until the worst happened...OUR NEIGHBOR CUT THEIR GRASS! That was it, Joe became obsessed with cutting the grass and since our push mower bit the dust at the end of last summer, we had to figure out something. Joe came home early yesterday, smile on his face and receipt in hand.

"Guess what, Babe?"

"Um...I have no idea. But, why are you home early?"

"I found a great deal on a used tractor and I bought it! I am so excited! It should be delivered in a few hours and I just can't wait for you to see it. She is a beauty. Oh, man, this feels great."

I cracked up. We have truly gone country!

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